PI Financial Services

Business Insurance Solutions


As a business owner, you have spent countless hours developing your company. While you focus day-to-day on building your organization, you should take a moment to consider the severe impact to your bottom line that would occur if you, one of your partners, or one of your key employees became sick, injured or died. Would you have sufficient cash on hand to deal with such an event? Would there be a seamless transfer of management/ownership?

Individual insurance plans can be utilized to address a wide variety of risk management objectives for a company. We can assist you in reviewing your concerns and provide you with a customized package of solutions to meet your objectives. As independent Insurance Advisors, we are not tied to any one insurance carrier, which gives us the flexibility to investigate the marketplace and develop the optimal solutions for our clients.


Working with PIFS and Thomas O'Neill & Associates Inc., you can expect:

  • Expert strategic advice from a team of independent insurance specialists
  • Customized and cost-effective programs selected from a wide range of carriers
  • Timely and hands-on attention to your insurance and claims questions